I am a team player, comfortable in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. I love learning about my team’s passion and specialized skills, harnessing them in a way that can benefit the entire team in cross platform creative projects. I have worked with various luxury international home brands including, a luxury travel agency, international photographers and for fun, have volunteered my design services for causes close to my heart. With a love of layout and typography, and a strong sense and understanding of branding, much of my work has an editorial feel that is showcased throughout my portfolio. If you are looking for someone with passion, the ability to hustle, and a somewhat obsessive love of organization, I can whole heartily say that, I am your girl! 

why am i a Designer?

I found a love of design back when myspace was popular. I would spend hours in front of the computer teaching myself HTML and designing really “cool” pages, complete with page jumps and yes, regrettably background music. Constantly wanting to 'up my game', I would continually change my page adding new elements the more I learnt. Going forward, this would ring true throughout my career.

I am self-motivated and I still have that constant need to learn everything that is relevant to the immediate task and then look to new areas that would enable me to take things to the next level. I believe this is one of my most distinguishing qualities and has helped me grow my career, because I refuse to ever stop learning, This is the same thing that I look for in team members, an adventurous spirit that knows no boundaries and an infectious want of knowledge.

“Krystal’s expertise and professionalism has helped me to grow my business in more challenging accounts. She is consistently spot on with suggestions as well as solutions. Krystal shows leadership skills in marketing development that I look for while interviewing and building my direct sales team.”


Additional career endeavors have let me expand my love of design to photography, where I have had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the industries’ most talented photographers with various specialities such as weddings, portraiture and even wildlife. 

My photography speciality is environmental portraiture, concentrating on couples, weddings, families and maternity. I do also have a love of editorial photography which allows me to work with models and actors, completely stylizing photoshoots from concept through completion. 

My work has been published over 12 times over the past 2 years in various fashion and wedding blogs including The Knot.

and on a personal level

When I am not designing or taking photographs you can find me spending time with my cuddly fur balls Bri and Khloe, going on hiking adventures, taking barre or peleton classes, watching movies, attempting to finish editing my novel or getting lost in someone else's story, traveling and spending quality time with my friends and family.