About Me

Hi! i'm Krystal.

I’m a multi-award-winning creative director and published photographer with 16+ years of experience. I thrive on bringing order to chaos with a creative twist and mentoring  the future generation of designers. My passion for originality fuels my work, driving me to constantly seek new challenges. I excel in fast-paced environments, leveraging team strengths for exceptional results. With a portfolio spanning luxury brands and meaningful causes, I bring a blend of expertise and enthusiasm to every project. Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary.


Brands I've Worked With

...Krystal's willingness to think outside the box paired with her extremely razor-focused attention to detail, hyper-organized and deadline-oriented work and stunning graphic design expertise enabled the success of our campaign and allowed our organization to thrive. Combined, our senior leadership has worked with competent and talented designers over the last several decades, and Krystal's work, by far, outpaces much of what we've seen! To top it all off, Krystal is extremely passionate, positive, pleasant, collaborative and goes the extra mile - which provided for a wonderful partnership during our time working together. I hope we are given the opportunity to bring on Krystal again in the future.   [Heidi J - Unusual Suspects]

Krystal is as fantastic a team leader as she is a mentor. How she uses her organization and ability to play to the strengths of her team while supporting said team has been one of my biggest lessons learned under her guidance. It was through Krystal’s unwavering support for her team and the thoughtful feedback she would give each of us that I was able to grow exponentially as a designer. I will be forever grateful for the time she would take to ensure each of her team members would thrive in their roles and take lessons from project objectives.  [Brittany B - Spring Hills]

Krystal’s expertise and professionalism has helped me to grow my business in more challenging accounts. While working on solutions she is consistently spot on with suggestions as well as solutions. Krystal shows leadership skills in marketing development I look for while interviewing and building my direct sales team.  [Bill T - Nourison]



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